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Welcome to the super Sales program, offer the best offers to its buyers keeping in mind the needs of its buyers. Under’s Super Sales Triple Benefit program, each buyer is given a coupon with a minimum value of one percent of the coupon value  and the maximum value is Rs. 10 lakhs. This program is like a lottery. It is clear that the decision of the company in this regard will be final. There will be no litigation against the decision; the company’s program is to increase purchases which will continue for a certain period of time

Fund and credit

The winners of this program will be credited to LooteraShops Violet if the value of Rs. 50 rupees, if the amount is more than Rs50 rupees, amount will be credited to the back account, if the amount is more than 10 thousand and less than 25 thousand then you will be provided a check from Looterashops Yes, after that you will be provided direct funding from Looterashops office .

Instant Discount

Under this program you will be provided a coupon code, through which you can get instant one percent discount,

Cash back

You will also receive a cash back with the said coupon, which will also have a value of one percent, which will be credited to your Violet within 48 hours of the product being delivered.

win cash

If you buy something at LooteraShops, you also get a chance to win cash from Rs. 1 to Rs.1000000

Who can get these rewards?

Each buyer is entitled to this prize, Instant Discount and Cashback will be provided to each buyer

 The winner Cash is entitled only to those whose name appears in the lottery on a daily basis,

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