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Emotional Revolution offers its customers an unparalleled and ideal experience that connects them to products and services at the click of a button.

India’s gross domestic product declined by 18% last year, which is considered to be the most affected compared to previous years. The reason behind this is the epidemic which has taken revenge on the purchases along with the preferences of the buyers. Spending years have seen consumers turn to online portals for shopping.

The e-Marketer report states that India’s fast-growing commerce sector saw a 27% growth in sales of .7 66.76 billion in 2021.

The shift in consumer preferences and the rapid relocation of eCom to brick and mortar stores is driving them to embark on an online journey where digitization is accelerating.

Emotional Revolution offers its customers an unparalleled and ideal experience that connects them to products and services at the click of a button. However, no one can ignore the location of a mortar store because it is the most direct way for consumers to connect an offline store with someone. For this, retailers have started their online journey so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to prepare your future for the future of India by getting your e-mails to offline stores. Offline retailers want to connect both online and offline to reach their audiences.
Running Omni Channel as Rahul ahead

At the last minute, customer preferences changed dramatically. The shopping attitude has shifted to an omni-channel retail where online and offline subscribers of multiple channels have to make sure everyone is looking for a unified and consistent search in one place, said Connected Candidate. ۔ Research has shown that although consumers prefer a physical store, they first check it out online.

Why is the transfer taking place?

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated around the world through online channels. Of course, many vendors have realized that the brick and mortar structure is not enough for even consumers, and designation is considered a tough step for global expansion.

Walk year, 94% volume in eCommerce control year compared to graph. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of Internet users in India increased by ڈالر 47 (+8.2%), while the number of Indian social media users increased from 78 78 (+21%) to 32.3% of the total population in January 2021. Percentage is formed.

In the hyperconnected world, customers shuffle between online and offline stores to shop. Therefore, he uses the online shopping experience for a fairly reasonable expectation, which allows retailers to adapt to new customer lines and rearrange their marketing methods according to consumer behavior. Furthermore, understanding you will take the retail market to many places, bringing more people offline.

After thinking about a lot of people, it is time to get to the point where even bricks and mortar stores are advised by social media to move their business and move forward during epidemics. Go The rapid use of e-commerce will undoubtedly take retail stores to greater heights than ever before.

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