We are known as LooteraShops Sellers Service Pvt. Ltd., an e-commerce company that is entirely Indian, started by PM Narendra Modi, is a part of Startup India platform. The company has access to every corner of India, anyone can easily sell their product anywhere.LooteraShops is a company that acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers. LooteraShops has formed a special team for its buyers and sellers, so that both buyers and sellers can easily advance their trade. The purpose of LooteraShops is to provide excellent items to its buyers at low prices, and to encourage sellers who sell their items at reasonable prices.

Our place of work

It is a market place, due to which orders keep coming from all over India, which is why efforts are being made to open offices in all four meters of India, besides trying to open offices in areas from where Orders come more, mainly because the company is based in Delhi, so the company has one office in Delhi, another office in Kolkata, a third office in Mumbai, Patna Bhagalpur and Lucknow in Meerut and Saharanpur attempt is also being made to open an office--------------, In addition Considering the convenience of buyers and sellers, offices will soon be opened in Chennai and Mysore .

What we do?

looterashops.com This is the website of India's popular marketplace and e-commerce company looterashoops sellers service private limited which provides online selling facility to sellers all over India, you can easily sell your product from any corner of India. , Delivery and Pickup is present all over India, but our company focuses on most of the village sellers, and focuses on the domestic industry, pays special attention to items made by women, any Indian You can list your product in minutes on looterashops.com , the whole process from listing to payment has been made easier so that everyone can easily seal their product.

Leadership and Responsibility

We are always responsible for our buyers and sellers, we have tailored our leadership principle in such a way that each seller can easily sell their product online, and Any problems with sales can be dealt with immediately, and advice being given to them time to time, keeping in mind the benefits of the sellers, and we try to ensure that the sellers' orders Minimum returns come, besides always taking care of the interest of every buyer , always bringing good offers keeping in view their needs , besides anyone to buy them anything. The problem is we fix it immediately, the buyer becomes a part of our family after buying a single item, we always try our best to provide them the best items at the lowest price, we People also contact buyers and sellers from time to time through various programs, trying to provide them with guidelines.


We also have a significant number of market executives in our team, with whom the whole deal is done as like our responsible employees, Engaging in affiliated programming. There are also a large number of people who want to make money by sharing the link, their worries are also taken care of, and their payment has been made extremely easy so that they can easily stay connected with us.


Our leadership team is well aware of the importance of employees, which is why we are tolerant of our employees, and hires people who are responsible, we care about the needs of employees. We can divide our employees into several categories, one team of employees works on customer support while the other team of employees works on feedback, a certain number of employees also work on pick-up and delivery.


Our team is made up of responsible types of people who are constantly on the reviews the work from seller registration to order delivery and payment . Our responsible persons and leaders try to ensure that all the prosess from the order to the payment of the sellers is easily done withought any mistake.


Our team and the entire leadership is always ready to support the customer, any problem of the customer is immediately treated, we consider it our moral duty to help our customer, we always try to help the customer. Provide accurate information so that they are not misunderstood in anything


We always try to provide the right thing to the our buyer and customer, review everything listed in the store and try to make sure that the customer always finds the right thing, the user is never a victim of fraud.User feedback is important to us, we work very hard on user feedback,and try to inprove our services

Delivering safely

Once the order is packed up, our responsibility increases and we strive to ensure that the order reaches the customer in the right way so that the interests of both the customer and the seller are protected, and no error occurs. Keeps an eye on the order, and also gives the necessary orders, which is why we deliver 99.99% of the order correctly so far.


Our leadership is committed to providing good items to our customers, which is why we keep reviewing every product listed in the store, and the process of removing inappropriate and bad items from the store is done immediately. , As well as keep an eye on unreasonable prices of items, and we always want to provide items  at a lower price.


There are some items listed in the store, which are sold immediately, while there are some items that are not sold, our leadership pays special attention to low-selling items and It also looks for the reasons for the low sales, the necessary instructions are given to the seller, sometimes the low selling items are also sold 


Sellers are very important to us, they have a huge share in the delivery of the product, that is why we always maintain friendly relations with our sellers, we provide all kinds of support, They are also made aware of all the flaws and strengths of the products, and also the challenges of the market, which is why the profits   are always increasing.


Our team stays with our customers even after the order has been delivered, and tries to get feedback from our users through mail and phone calls, user feedback is very important to us, On the user feedback  we keep changing ourselves, which is beneficial not only for us and the consumer but also for the sellers.

Pay special attention to Sales increase

We strive to increase sales as possible, we constantly strive to create programs that increase sales, we use a variety of platforms includes all kinds of media to increase our sales. , in addition to trying to bring awareness about things through door-to-door meetings between people from time to time, which is why in the last 2 months There has been a 200% increase in website visits, which is welcome for a new company.

Focus on returns

We try to get the minimum return on the order, which is why we are constantly working on this, our special team keeps an eye on the non-delivery of the order, and we try to keep the minimum return on the order.In spite of our best efforts, if an order unfortunately returns, we do not hesitate to deliver the item to its sellers, and immediately try to refer it to its sellers so that the items are safe.