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A few things to consider before listing a product

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If you are a seller of looterashops and want to upload your product, there are a few things to keep in mind, taking care of these things will bring your product to life soon, and also increase your product sales. ۔
(1) Pictures
           (1) All the images of the product should be good, there should be no  blur
          (2) The pictures should not be inside the box but all the pictures  should be  perfectly open
           (3) There must be four separate pictures of four angale of each product
         (4) The background of the product image must be white. If there is an image which does not have white background, or if the image is bad, the verification of such image may be pending.
          (5) All images should have a size of width 450 Px and a height 600 Px.
(2) Title

(1) Use words in the title that are commonly understood,
(2) With the title you can add words that make it easier for you to understand your product,
(3) Short description

(1) Short description This is of special importance in online sailing of looterashops, this short description has to provide maximum information in minimum words.
(2) In this short description, provide information that people pay more attention to. For example, nowadays people take more and more selfies. In such cases, people need a good camera. In short description, you can make attation of camera. and you Can define pixels.
(4) Long description

(1) Readers of long descriptions are usually people who have taken a product like this before, they always have compression in their minds, so try to provide complete information in long descriptions,
(3) Do not use any kind of misrepresentation, as online buyers are the first to review this type of product, this will reduce the sales of your product.
(5) Category Selection

(1) Category selection is also very important in looterashops online sailing. Before category selection, you should review the home page of the website, and select the category according to the banner on the home page. For example, A4 size. There is paper that can come in office accessories and also in school accessories, but there is only school accessories on the home page banner so you can call it school accessories.
(2) In looterashops you have the facility to select several categories for a product, when choosing a category you should include the product in all possible categories so that maximum search can be done.

How did looterashops become sellers?

It is very easy to become a seller of looterashops. For this you have to visit the website of looterashops. On the right side of the site of looterashops is the logo of My Account. Click on it. The CREATE AN ACCOUNT option will appear, click on this option, the REGISTER window will appear, select the I am a vendor option and provide the required information, and click on Register to use the Let’go! Option. Provide your full details, if you want to give your details later, you can leave it temporarily using the Not right now option, this way you can easily become a seller on looterashops,
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